Modal Pro is a powerful iPad app that allows you to create your own synthesizers and effects. Build unique instruments, discover new sounds by combining Modal Pro's modules together.


Modal Pro affords you complete freedom. Use any module to modulate any other module. What happens when you use pink noise to modulate a filter's cut-off frequency? What does a self-modulating square wave sound like? Modal Pro is designed to make exploration easy and fun.

Modal Pro's interface is designed to allow you to tune and tweak every parameter exactly how you want it. You won't strain to turn tiny knobs on a touch screen with interface components made especially for tablet devices.


You can't make good food with bad ingredients and you can't build good synths with bad parts. That's why Modal Pro features high quality analog-modelled oscillators.


Share Modal Pro's sounds with external apps with Audiobus, AudioCopy or Apple's Inter-App Audio technology. You can also connect an external MIDI keyboard or even control Modal Pro over WiFi with network MIDI.


Is the idea of building your own instruments intriguing but you don't know where to start? Modal Pro isn't just for an app for making, it's an app for learning. Each module is documented in detail, giving you not only an overview of what it does but also how you can use it. An extensive tutorial about how to get started is included but more will be added regularly to help you grow from synth lover to master synth builder.